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Cop Accused of Being Dubey’s Mole Fear, Requests SC Protection

Gangster Vikas Dubey arreted by UP police at Hotel in Faridabad

A new norm has started where cops are seeking protection from cops. On Sunday, an arrested sub-inspector decided to move the SC’s seize danger from UP’s encounter specialist. Recently, this encounter specialist encountered gangster Vikas Dubey along with his associates within a week. 

On this, the sub-inspector of Chaubeypur Police Station, K.K Sharma and his wife Vinita Sirohi requested the Supreme Court for CBI inspection on the death of 8 policemen in Bikru village. 

Sirohi said- “After seeing the incidents of encounters of the alleged accused persons in the present FIR (July 3 incident), petitioner is of the confirmed opinion and has full apprehension that her husband may be eliminated by adopting illegal and unconstitutional means,” Source: Times of India.

Further, she added- “The incidents of encounters of alleged accused persons named in the FIR fully prove the fact that UP Police have no faith in courts of law and the law of the land and are giving a final verdict of punishment by adopting illegal and unconstitutional manners,” Source: Times of India. Here Sirohi referred to one of the pending petitions by the NGO People’s Union for Civil Liberties. 

Sub-Inspector, K.K Sharma and his wife said- “Actions of UP Police and its agencies have proven that no accused is safe even in their custody, and such incidents of extra-judicial killings of accused persons have eroded the confidence of the accused as well as the general public from the rule of law and the principles enshrined in the Constitution.” Source: Times of India. 

The filed petition reads- “Sharma was directed by his in-charge Vinay Tiwari to remain at the (Chaubeypur) police station and told him in the night that he is going in a team for the arrest of some criminal as per the instructions to him on phone with further instructions to conduct a cross-checking at GT Crossing Road (sic). The contents of the alleged general diary details itself is proof (sic) and speak volumes of the lies being circulated by UP Police. Sharma is being falsely accused of trying to run away whereas it is a matter of record that he was living in the quarters situated within the premises of the police station.” Source: Times of India. 

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Source: Times of India