Corona Pandemic Made Football Coaches Sell Kebabs and Vegetables

Corona Pandemic Made Football Coaches Sell Kebabs and Vegetables

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

During the pandemic circumstance, no football academy requires the assistance of professional football coaches resulting; they are forced to sell kebabs and vegetables on the footpath. 

Three football coaches named – Samrat Rana, Prasad Bhosale, and Siddesh Srivastav – have been planning to prepare the best plot for their football team players for the upcoming matches, if the corona outbreak had not shaken the world so badly. 

While in an interview with Indian Express, Bhosale said- “When I sold vegetables, I did feel awkward for the first few days. I am a Masters in Physical Education, a double graduate, and selling vegetables now. But when your stomach is empty, and there are more hungry people at home, you stop thinking all that. I carry grain bags and vegetables on my shoulders, fill my cart, and sell on the streets,” Source: Indian Express. 

In March, the coaches were told that their further services are not required, and the school laid them off on the spot. 

Siddesh Srivastav used to coach football players at two schools that he had to leave at the beginning of the lockdown phase in India. Siddesh said- “We were not paid for the last few months,” Source: Indian Express. 

Further, he added- “We wrote to the company a few times, and they replied last month that they can’t pay us salaries and have terminated our contracts. My father is retired, and I have to take care of my family, so we decided to sell kebabs.” Source: Indian Express. 

In this regard, there are many schools in Mumbai, India, which approached MSSA (Mumbai School Sports Association) not to lay off sports coaches and showcased extreme helplessness. Lawrence Bing, a Hockey Secretary at MSSA, said that he had received several calls and messages from coaches. 

Bing said- “Till May, around 60-70 coaches were removed, and by June, the number rose to more than a hundred. As sports are completely shut and no outdoor sports looks possible in the coming months, coaches’ livelihoods are badly hit,” Source: Indian Express. 

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Source: Indian Express