Corona Update: U.K. Begins with COVID-19 Vaccine Human Trial

Corona Update: U.K. Begins with COVID-19 Vaccine Human Trial
Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Prof. Robin Shattock and his team have started to run human trials of the corona vaccine at Imperial College London. As soon as they began, around 300 people came forward as volunteers showing their interest in the test. 

Prof. Shattock said- “We’ve been able to produce a vaccine from scratch and take it to human trials in just a few months. If our approach works and the vaccine provides effective protection against disease, it could revolutionise how we respond to disease outbreaks in future.”

Earlier, the tests were conducted on animals, and the vaccine proved to be a great success. Following this, the experts at Oxford University have started with the human trails too. 

Kathy, 39, is an employee in the finance sector who came forward as the first-ever volunteer participating in the vaccine human trials to be conducted at Imperial College London. 

She said she came forward to be a part of this fight against a deadly virus like COVID-19. Further, Kathy added- “I think it came from not really knowing what I could do to help, and this turned out to be something that I could do.

“And understanding that it’s not likely that things will get back to normal until there is a vaccine, so wanting to be part of that progress as well.”

This is the first phase of the human trials, and as per a report, the second human trial has been scheduled for October 2020, which will be involving more than 6,000 people. The Imperial College London expects to emerge this vaccine as a successful weapon against corona and distribute it to the world by 2021. 

To strengthen the enthusiasm of the volunteers, the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William greeted the volunteers and stated- “It’s the most incredibly exciting and very welcome project that you’re all doing, which is why it’s fascinating.”

Prince has taken part in the human trails in Oxford University’s trail conducting at Churchill Hospital. 

So far, the U.K. government has funded the researchers with £41m, while they have (researchers) received £5m as donations from multiple sources. 

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