Corona Warning: The Virus May Leave Many with Permanent Lung Damage

Corona Warning: The Virus May Leave Many with Permanent Lung Damage
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Coronavirus has infected more than 9,243,221 lives while taking the death toll to 475,609 so far. 

After thorough research, practitioners have told BBC that thousands of COVID-19 positive patients will need to re-visit hospitals to evaluate if they have permanent lung damage or not. 

As per doctors, coronavirus is one such deadly virus which even after cured can leave a lung scarring in the human body. In medical terms, this health disease is called ‘Pulmonary Fibrosis’. It is a serious disease that attacks the lungs by making different parts of the lungs extremely fragile. 

It is an irreversible issue which may make the patient bear with health issues like- fatigue, coughing, and shortness of breath. 

The chances of permanent lung damage came into light when a retired taxi driver, Anthony McHugh, 68, discovered coronavirus symptoms and visited the hospital on 6th March 2020. With time, his condition worsened; thus, Anthony was shifted to a ventilator for 13 days almost. 

After a speedy recovery from coronavirus, he re-visited the hospital in mid-April with issues like- shortness of breath. In his CT scan report, practitioners witnessed a ground-glass pattern on Anthony’s lungs. 

Dr. Sam Hare is one of the executive committee members at the British Society of Thoracic Imaging and advisor to the Royal College of Radiologists. He stated- “With all these cases, we can’t say for certain at the moment, but usually with a virus or infection at six weeks; you would expect the scan to have returned to normal. It hasn’t, and that’s the worry.”

Further, he added- “In the six-week scans we’re seeing, so far I would say between 20% and 30% of patients who have been in hospital appear to show some early signs of lung scarring,”

On the same matter, Nottingham’s Professor Jenkins said- “My real concern is that never before in our lifetime have so many people been subject to the same lung injury at the same time.” 

Witnessing the seriousness of the matter, NHS England states that now they are planning to establish COVID-19 rehabilitation centers to cure post corona health damages. 

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