Covid-19: Four-Week England Lockdown


Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has announced a nationwide second lockdown in the country as a precautionary measure to prevent the medical as well as moral disaster for the United Kingdom National Health Service(NHS).

The decision is taken keeping Christmas in mind though it won’t be the same as what the Prime Minister said but with this restriction it might be possible for families to gather and celebrate.

There was already an announcement on Thursday regarding the closing of pubs, gyms, restaurants as well as non-essential shops for the next four weeks. But this restriction is not for schools, colleges as well as universities.

From December 2nd, there is a possibility of easing the lockdown in a certain region in the country as per the situation at that point of time.

New Restrictions are as follows: 

  1. Citizens are advised to stay at home until and unless there is a reason to leave like medical attention, work and school which cannot be done from home.
  2. People can go out for essential services if it cannot be done at home, but vulnerable people are to avoid such places. 
  3. Gathering of families indoor and in private gardens is prohibited.
  4. People can meet other members of the family but outside public places and need to adhere to social distancing norms.
  5. All the non-essential services, retail, pubs, restaurants, bars are strictly closed for dining purposes only takeaways or delivery is open.
  6. All the entertainment venues and leisure activities which also includes the gym will be strictly shut for the next four weeks.
  7. Forming bubbles are allowed if people can follow the rules.
  8. Manufacturing and construction sites will be operating as it is with strict norms as before.
  9. Children are allowed to move between homes if their parents are separated and due to their vulnerable age can use a mask and face shield to move around.