‘COVID-19 Pandemic Could Last Up To Two Years’ Says WHO Head

‘COVID-19 Pandemic Could Last Up To Two Years’ Says WHO Head

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Recently, the head of the WHO (World Health Organization) gave a statement on novel coronavirus and said that he is hopeful about pandemic getting over within two years. 

On Friday, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that the Spanish flu took almost two years to vanish in 1918. He gave these statements while speaking in Geneva. 

Further, adding to this, Dr. Tedos said as we have enough advancement in technology in the present time, the overcoming can be expected “in a shooter time.”

“Of course, with more connectiveness, the virus has a better chance of spreading,” he added. Source: BBC.

While putting emphasis on “national unity, global solidarity”, Dr. Tedos said- “But at the same time, we also have the technology to stop it, and the knowledge to stop it,” Source: BBC. 

In 1918, the deadly Spanish flu killed more than 50 million people. And so far, coronavirus has killed 800,000 people, whereas it has infected 22.7 million. 

When asked about the sudden increase in corruption throughout the pandemic so far, he referred to it as a “criminal” activity. 

“Any type of corruption is unacceptable,” Source: BBC. 

He added- “However, corruption related to PPE… for me it’s actually murder. Because if health workers work without PPE, we’re risking their lives. And that also risks the lives of the people they serve.” Source: BBC. 

When inspecting countries on the basis of increased corruption rate during a pandemic, South Africa tops it and sees the maximum number of corruption issues. 

On Friday, several protesters were held in Nairobi, Capital of Kenya, over graft during the pandemic. On the other hand, doctors went on strike due to unpaid wages and paucity of protective equipment, making their job riskier than before. 

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Source: BBC