COVID-19 Vaccine also spotted in China for the first time

COVID-19 Vaccine also spotted in China for the first time
Image by Ray Shrewsberry from Pixabay

In all this time, finally, China is showing off its first hope of coronavirus vaccines in a small vial of liquid at a Beijing trade fair which is produced by Chinese companies Sinovac Biotech and Sinopharm. On Monday, people at the trade fair gathered around stalls displaying the possible game-changing vaccines. China, which is suffering a storm of foreign criticism over its initial approach to handle pandemic, has been striving to repurpose the story of Covid-19. 

Sinopharm said it envisions the antibodies from its lab to last between one and three years, although the final result will only be perceived after the trials. Neither has hit the market; however, the inventors hope they will be approved after all-important phase 3 trials as briefly as year-end.

China’s nationalistic tabloid Global Times published that “the price of the vaccines will not be high”.  A Sinovac representative told AFP his firm has already “completed the construction of a vaccine factory” able to generate 300 million doses a year.

The latent vaccines on exhibit are among nearly 10 worldwide to enter phase 3 trials, typically the last step ahead of regulatory approval, as countries race to dock out the virus and revive the economies.

Last month, at least 5.7 billion doses of the vaccines under development throughout the world had been pre-ordered.

They are also lauding progress on internal vaccines as a sign of Chinese leadership and recoil in the face of an unparalleled health threat that has beaten the global economy.

There are more than 130 vaccines below various stages of testing around the world. Meanwhile clinical trials of Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine begin this month in different countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Philippines, India and Brazil. The preliminary conclusions of the Phase 3 trial will be proclaimed in October-November 2020.