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Death And Misery Comes In The Form Of Norway Landslide

Norway Landslide

We have entered 2021 and it seems like the happy vibes are short-lived. An unfortunate natural accident has resulted in the tears of several people in the Norway region. 

On the northeast of the Capital Oslo of Norway, an entire hillside has come down upon the houses and created very significant damage. Ask, that is about 25 kilometres away from Oslo, saw the deadliest Landslide in recent time and that too, when everyone was sound asleep.

Rescuers were swift to reach the site and they’ve noticed that the landslide has crushed the house or broke them apart, creating a scene of terror. One dead body was found and almost 9 people went missing which included a toddler (2 years old) and a 13 year old child. The Norwedian team was accompanied with Sweden colleagues who put in serious efforts to save whoever was stuck and struggling. The snow covered terrain posed an extra problem and the harsh weather was indeed a challenge for the rescuer team that is doing everything it can to save people. 

The presence of the dead body was announced around 2.30 AM without disclosing the identity of the person who lost his/her life. The authorities also listed the names of the people who still remained missing after the day-long search. The aerial search was announced and launched to find these people and for that reason any other aircrafts or airplanes planned to pass by the region were stopped or banned. 

‘The fact that a discovery was made suggests to us that we are in an area where there may be people” said one of the officials who spoke to the media in the area. 

The search is still on and several attempts are being made to find the unfound. Also, the ones who have suffered injuries were immediately steered towards medical care to avoid more deaths. Local Mayor, Anders Ostenson, spoke to the media and expressed his anguish over the disastrous incident that came without a warning. He also stated that he wants to have ‘hope’ even when the melancholic clouds have covered the sky - TV2 Reports.