With Delayed JEE Main & Raised NEET Cut-Off Students Choices May Vary

With Delayed JEE Main & Raised NEET Cut-Off Students Choices May Vary
Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay

The pandemic situation has become severe for students who returned to their hometowns during the lockdown and faced connectivity as the biggest challenge. 

Besides the board exam results, the announcement of the final dates of JEE Mains and NEET has emerged as yet another major challenge. On top of this, the fear of further delay in resuming their classes, getting back to the preparation routine, and going through the digital admission is taking a toll on the students. These challenges have become severe for those who are facing financial crises in their homes. The circumstances have reached its worst phase due to the pandemic. 

Vanu Sud Dhindsa from Vedantu (a learning app) says that the students’ queries revolve around their emotional state rather than academic challenges. While talking to Indian Express on the matter, she said- “Since the extended delay, students are falling into an unending loop of studying, then wondering about the future and then returning to studies. With exam centres becentersfted and a majority of students at home now, their concern is more about the delay affecting an entire year than health,” Source: Indian Express. 

Reports say that students have become more anxious and emotional now. And this has made teachers don the hat of consultants. Brainly (an academic doubt clearing platform) has witnessed and received an increasingly high number of queries from the students. And 50% of the queries revolve around last year’s academic course. 

Further, Vanu raised a question and said – “How much more will I have to wait, will there be a further delay?” Source: Indian Express. 

“The situation is worse for those who have faced an economic crisis amid all of this. These students are rethinking their choices, opting for a college near their homes, looking at courses that are less expensive. These are teenagers, and most of them have been introduced to a financial crunch for the first time and end up feeling responsible for their choices. Many are not even discussing the issue with their parents,” She added. 

Source: https://indianexpress.com/article/education/delayed-jee-main-neet-2020-to-take-cut-off-higher-college-choices-likely-to-change-covid-coronavirus-6470813/