Delta Passenger Slaps Flight Attendant Over A Small Argument

Delta Passenger Slaps Flight Attendant Over A Small Argument

Ever since the airlines resumed post-pandemic, the authorities have been strict about following certain steps on the flight, in and around the airport to maintain hygienic conditions and virus-free surroundings. While most of the passengers oblige to these rules, some of them play the ‘rebels’ and draw attention to themselves. This takes a very outrageous and unacceptable turn in certain cases. One such incident happened on the Delta flight from Miami to Atlanta.

A flight attendant approached a lady passenger and asked her to wear her mask. The airlines made it a strict rule to have masks throughout the journey and the attendants were briefed about the same. The simple interaction turned into a heated argument over no time and the stance of the lady passenger became aggressive. The others in the fight started to record the series of events on their smartphones that was later uploaded to media platforms.

The passenger got dangerously close to the flight attendant and slapped her out of the blue. This drew a united outrage from the other passengers of the flight and the police were informed regarding the incident.

BBC reporter, Suzanna Kianpour, was also on the flight and agreed to have witnessed the incident. Katty Kay, another BBC reporter who was on the flight, confirmed that the police boarded the aircraft and forcefully took the woman out because she was refusing to budge. Despite the tension in the air, the airline staff handled the situation with great spirit and humor.

The other passengers stated that the least anyone can do is wear a mask, not pose a problem to the staff or fellow passengers. The pandemic demands such new additions to our regular lives. Irrespective of the role, position of an employee, violent outbursts like this on international flights should be a big ‘NO’.