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Demi Lovato has a Few Words for Trump

Demi Lovato has a Few Words for Trump

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Demi Lovato’s new song “Commander in Chief” is pointing towards President Trump, stating about the racial injustice, Covid-19 crisis and his other responses. Lovato says she wants to use her voice for more than just following her passion for singing.

Lovato is a 28-year-old singer who recently said in an interview with CNN that she wanted to write to Trump on many occasions where she has a lot of questions that are unanswered in her head. Then later, she thought about turning all her questions into a song that can be released, and the whole world can hear her, and this might lead to making him answer the questions not just to her but to everyone out there.

The co-wrote song has many questions like do you know the truth, about the state of crisis, people dying, commander in chief, can you feel anything, etc.

Demi Lovato will be performing the song for the first time at the Billboard Music Awards Wednesday night. Trump has been perceived as to aim at Twitter at entertainment personalities who have been judgmental of him, but Lovato doesn’t care much about the potential contention.

She had openly said to bring it on to prove her wrong and whatever she said in the song.

Demi Lovato is also a supporter of The Mental Health Fund, which assists organizations that are committed to contributing at the time of crisis during the coronavirus pandemic. She published a music video last month along with Marshmello “OK Not to Be OK,” expecting to tear down the stains encompassing mental health.

Her encouragement to those who are having a tough time right now is to try to be positive and not to be hard on yourself.

Saying out loud that no one is alone in this world, and a lot of people are feeling the same way in these difficult times.