Denmark: Millions of Mink to be Culled Post COVID-19 Mutation to Humans

Denmark: Millions of Mink to be Culled Post COVID-19 Mutation to Humans

felixd, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The world’s biggest producer of mink fur is planning to cull up all the minks in the country after the news of 12 people got infected at a farm in the northern part.

Magnus Heunicke, health minister, stated that half of the 783 were infected with Coronavirus in the northern part of the country whose source is related to mink.

Mette Frederiksen, Prime Minister, said that there is the fear of the newly mutated Coronavirus and a risk that the future COVID-19 vaccine might not work. There are more than 200 Danish mink farms that they are set to culled after the mutation of the virus was discovered.

Denmark is known for producing 17 million fur every year, and the Prime Minister also said it will have devastating consequences for the country on a worldwide level. The famous Kopenhagen Fur is accountable for supplying 40% of the mink production worldwide with 1500 Danish breeders, which are exported to Hong Kong and China as well.

The Danish administration is supporting the cull as a method to reduce the peril of more retransmitting Coronavirus to people.

According to government surveys, culling the 15 million mink in the country would cost up to £605 million.

Thorkild Fogde, national police head said that no more time should be wasted to do so as it is a massive risk to the human race.Mogens Jensen, Minister for Food, stated that 207 farms are now infected whereas last month it was at 41 and the virus has expanded to all of the western peninsula of Jutland.

Denmark has recorded a total of 50,530 confirmed Coronavirus positive cases and 729 allied deaths.The animal welfare Humane Society International appreciated the Prime Minister for practicing such a huge step in protecting the citizen of the country.