Disney to Google, All Celebrate after LA Lakers Win NBA Championship

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Yesterday, the LA Lakers achieved their 17th NBA Championship, first in the last 10 years after defeating the Miami Heat in Game 6 of the NBA Finals. But the route to this wasn’t easy, the Purple and Gold performed through a misfortune, coronavirus outbreak, and a rough Miami team.

 LeBron James and co. had to draw every imaginable bunny out of the hat to traverse the LA Lakers all the way up. Now that they have won the Larry O’Brien Trophy, they want their respect.

Social media was buzzing with photos, and videos of fans post the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Miami Heat in the sixth game of the finals to become the 17th NBA Championship.

The team’s 106-93 triumph marked their first championship victory in a decade with LeBron James at the centre of it.

The winning team celebrated their victory at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida’s Lake Buena Vista, without any fans or supporters in attendance, even the Walt Disney’s iconic Castle at the Magic Kingdom was all lit up in the L.A. Lakers official colors that are purple and gold.

The championship, which was halted for over four months before the season recommenced in July, took place in ESPN Wide World of Sports at Disney World in Florida.

While in Los Angeles, notwithstanding mayor Eric Garcetti’s caution on people congregating in groups, several celebrated in the streets.

There were loads of pictures and videos all over the social media that displayed people walking with banners and flags, trumpeting horns and fireworks.

Several chorused Lakers legend Kobe Bryant’s name, admiring and appreciating the winning to the player, who died with his daughter Gianna and five others in a helicopter crash outside of Los Angeles in January.