Diwali 2020: Bollywood Urge Everyone to Celebrate Green Diwali

Diwali 2020: Bollywood Urge Everyone to Celebrate Green Diwali
Image by B Ban from Pixabay

With the coronavirus pandemic, all festivities have been celebrated in a new way which includes social distancing, sanitisers and masks. It has become the new reality of life and everyone being cautious about the virus then let’s also focus on celebrating Diwali the eco-friendly way. 

It is good to know that states have put some restrictions over the burning of crackers. One of the good things that happened during lockdown was mother nature healed a bit with less noise, air and water pollution.

Celebrities are taking over social media to encourage, influence people to plan a Green Diwali this year.

Shivangi Joshi posted on social media about how lockdown has healed Mother Earth and now let’s heal her a little more by celebrating eco-friendly Diwali by not bursting crackers. She also mentioned that as there is still no vaccine, so she will be celebrating in Mumbai and not going to her family and relatives in Dehradun.

Manmohan Tiwari took it to social media and posted about the problematic phase of lockdown and talked about how it has set the balance of nature. He also said it was rare to experience lush green trees in Mumbai, but this time he is enjoying the fresh cool breeze, and so he requests all to celebrate Diwali keeping the environment in mind. 

Shubhangi Atre posted on Instagram that she and her husband have never encouraged their daughter to burst crackers and instead taught her that no celebrations should be done at the cost of harming the environment we live in. She intends to give this message to all her fans to respect occasions and tradition, but to all keep the environment in mind. 

Juhi Parmar also posted saying Diwali is an occasion about food, friends, decoration, diyas and rangoli. There isn’t any need for crackers at all. With the pandemic, we all have learnt to celebrate the festival at home, and so we should indulge in celebrating this festival of light in a new eco-friendly way.