Donald Trump & Melania Trump Host Halloween at White House

Donald Trump & Melania Trump Host Halloween at White House
Image by The White House

In the past years, US President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump have been personally handing out candies to the costume-clad kids on Halloween. This year has been different due to the coronavirus pandemic; along the South Lawn of the White House, treats were provided separately to the participants. 

With a little bit of reengineering, the President and the first lady were able to host Halloween last Sunday to hundreds of skeletons, superheroes, unicorns, and also a diminutive version of themselves as part of a Halloween bash at the White House.

The kids, however, fleetingly met the President and first lady, who greeted and extended words of support from a safe distance appreciating the costumes worn by the kids while handing over candies. They were maintaining a safe distance as they have just recovered from the COVID-19 infection.

Trump was especially gratified with a young boy with a precisely Trump head of hair along with a partner who did her best to impersonate Mrs Trump. President asked them to turn and pose in front of the camera, which made the kids happy.  There also came by a little princess who was pleased by the cameras around and couldn’t help but keep waving at them as she walked along with the White House.

The spooky Halloween celebration had a different approach this time due to the pandemic where guests older than two were required to wear a mask and practise social distancing. Even any staff of the White House who was handing out candies had to wear hand gloves for precautionary measures.

The White House of the South Portico was adorned with bright-colored leaves in several shades of fall, pumpkins and chrysanthemums, while a military band set the mood by performing songs like “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.