Donald Trump Raises $165 Million Funds in July and Beats Biden by $25 Million

Donald Trump Raises $165 Million Funds in July and Beats Biden by $25 Million

Images from David Lienemann / Public domain and Shealah Craighead / Public domain

On Wednesday, a campaign of President Donald Trump announced raising $165 million in July. The Trump association collaborated with joint fundraising entities and the Republican National Committee to come up with such a huge number. 

The total amount is $25 million more than the funds raised by Joe Biden in the month of July. But at the same time, Mr. Donald’s funds are narrowing before the election time. 

Bill Stepien, Trump’s Campaign Manager gave a statement on this- “The enthusiasm behind President Trump’s re-election continues to grow as July’s massive fundraising totals prove,” Source: CBS News. 

While exposing the exact amount of funds raised by Joe Biden, his former vice president said that when collaborating with joint fundraising committees and the Democratic National Committee, Biden raised $140 million in July. 

As per a recent update by the Biden campaign, they have more than $294 million funds on hand. Further, they said it’s $50 million more than the total funds collected in July. 

Jen O’Malley, Joe Biden’s Campaign Manager, said- “The Biden campaign is on the march, building off the incredible momentum from this summer with another lights-out fundraising month, banking another $50 million for the final stretch to election day,” Source: CBS News. 

As per the campaign details, more than 97% of the funds of July has come from grassroots donors, and the overall average donation to the campaign was somewhere around $34.77. 

The Trump administration released their exact fundraising amount after Democrats and Biden outraised the President in the past two months. 

With this, Biden continues to organize online fundraising events. As per a report by CBS News, Biden’s campaign has already organized more than 18 virtual fundraisers events in July only.  

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Source: CBSNews.com