Donald Trump Says “Stop The Count” as Joe Biden Nears Finish Line

Donald Trump Says “Stop The Count” as Joe Biden Nears Finish Line
Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The former vice-president Joe Biden is getting close to the finish line whereas per the election officials on Thursday. The tallied votes in the states where counting is done and the outcome have been in favour of Democrats for the presidential seat. Protestors and supporters have taken it to the street as a mark of celebration for the upcoming president. 

This did not go well with the Republicans, and President Donald Trump has alleged fraud by filing a lawsuit for a recount in all the states where he has lost just two days after the polls ended. He has taken it to Twitter and said to ‘STOP THE COUNT.’

The counting was about to get closed even in the five states. Joe Biden closes leads in Nevada as well as Arizona whereas Donald Trump was counting his blessings with must-win states Georgia and Pennsylvania where mail-in, as well as absentee votes, are being counted. The Republican clung to a narrow lead in North Carolina which is predicted to be must-win for the president.

Trump wants to circumvent becoming the first compelling U.S. president to fail a re-election bid as it happened in 1992 with the fellow Republican George H.W. Bush. Trump had to gain the states wherever he was yet leading, plus either Nevada or Arizona to win.

Edison Research read Democrat Joe Biden a 243 to 213 lead in Electoral College votes, which are usually the primary based on a state’s population. Additional networks announced Joe Biden gained leads in Wisconsin, which would grant him additional 10 votes. But ultimately to win the presidential election, a candidate requires 270 votes.

The court and counting challenges established the stage for days as of now if not weeks of indecision before the Electoral College convenes on December 14th and the succeeding president is sworn in on January 20th.