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Donald Trump’s Green Card Can Help Indians In Upcoming Year

Donald Trump’s Green Card Can Help Indians In Upcoming Year

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As per a recent report, Indians working on employment-based green cards in the US could earn some degree of benefits from the President of Donald Trump. According to the recent reports, President Trump released an order announcing suspension on permanent residence permits. 

On this, the Immigration Partner at Law Firm Greenspoon Marder, Nandini Nair said- “Due to the green card proclamation ban, we are expecting to have advancement in the priority dates, which would allow many who are in the US to be able to file for the final step of the green card process,” Source: Economic Times. 

As per the current times, Indian nationality holds the maximum number of employment line in the United States. Most of the Indian employees working in the US are H-1B visa holders. To be precise, there are more than 300,00 Indian IT employees in the US. As Indians have a large number of H-1B visas, it has increased the wait time for the nation. 

Nair said- “Right now, they are on a holding pattern and are unable to file for the last step to get their green cards,” Source: Economic Times. 

Taking a dig into the matter, the Founding Partner of Siskind Susser PC, Greg Siskind tweeted- “There is a 7% limit in this larger pool. That means 5,000 for India, for example. But, when the numbers aren’t used by “Rest of World” they get to be used by the backlogged people,” Source: Twitter. 

The employment-based green cards are covered at 140,000 in a year with a 7% per-country limit. Further, to support these statements, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services released a report stating a rollover of more than 110,000 green cards. 

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Source: Economic Times