Dr. Fauci says to Take Vitamin C and D Supplements to Reduce the Risk

Dr. Fauci says to Take Vitamin C and D Supplements to Reduce the Risk

Image by The White House on flickr

The American physician and immunologist Dr Anthony Fauci said that the immune-boosting supplements do anything until you have a deficiency instead opt for two vitamins to keep your immune system healthy. 

During an Instagram live talk last Thursday when actress Jennifer Garner asked about immunity booster supplement, Dr Fauci emphasised on the need to have vitamin D, which has a direct impact on the susceptivity to infection other than supplements.

Recent research shows that there is a link between Covid-19 infected and vitamin D deficiency as stated by the University of Chicago Medicine.

Chief of hospital medicine, David Meltzer in a press release this month stated that the  vitamin D supplements are already in use for treating viral respiratory-related infection.

Dr Fauci talks highly about vitamin C as well, which is a good antioxidant and guards your immunity well. According to The National Institutes of Health, vitamin C has also been used to prevent respiratory infections, as published earlier in 2017.

 Fauci also said that in clinical studies; most of the “so-called” immune-boosting supplements do not help unless they have some deficiency. In fact, a lot of these herbs “either do nothing or, if you take too much of them, they harm you,” Fauci told Haddish.

He also added that to boost immune,go the natural way like getting adequate sleep and exercise regularly as these are better ways than opting for a bunch of herbs. 

On Thursday, Fauci cautioned Americans that they should be prepared to “hunker down” until 2021 thanks to coronavirus because the fall and winter are “not going to be easy.”

As of now, there are 6.5 million people infected with COVID-19 in the U.S., and almost 200,000 have died, as stated by Johns Hopkins.