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Dry Run Of The Corona Vaccine To Be Conducted Today

Corona vaccine
Image by Gerhard G. from Pixabay

The COVID-19 strain has sent chills of fear down everyone’s spine. 2020 has become a very dark place both in terms of health standards and also the financial crisis that the country faced. However, the news of the vaccine has come as a breath of fresh air and the government is leaving no stones unturned to make things right for everyone. 

A dry run is a pr-requisitive to the actual vaccine drive where the government tries to analyse all the aspects and the possible loopholes that it might encounter while distributing the vaccines. This is a good way to counter any kind of hindrances when the actual activity happens. Several states and union territories will be having the vaccine dry run today and the preparations are in full swing. 

Co-WIN is a platform that has been designed to keep a close watch on the vaccine delivery, testing allocations and also to monitor the team members who will be administering the vaccines and info about test beneficiaries. After the dry run, a rough data about all the different aspects of distributing the vaccine will be laid out and it will become easier to reach out to marginal communities and localities where services are usually less than the urban setup.

The dry run will act as a bridge between government planning and the actual implementation of different ideas that the team has laid out to provide optimum healthcare services. 

The Union Ministry for Health and Family Welfare said that the dry run will take place in 5 sessions at locations that have been especially noted along with 25 beneficiaries. Each state will plan the dry run in 2 districts with different sessions. The training for special administrators has been conducted and they are ready to launch into action. 

The activity will take place in all state capitals and the districts situated in remote areas will also be considered. States like Kerala and Maharashtra will also include the dry run in other major cities along with their capitals Thiruvananthapuram and Kerala respectively.