National Champion Dutee Chand is Selling Her BMW to Raise Funds for Training

National Champion Dutee Chand is Selling Her BMW to Raise Funds for Training
Athletics Federation of India / CC BY-SA

Indian Professional Sprinter, Dutee Chand, posted a picture on Facebook stating that she wants to sell her BMW. Later, at receiving offensive comments, she deleted the post soon. 

India’s 100-m national record-holder wanted to sell her car to cover the training cost for next year’s Olympic games. 

While sharing a picture of her car, she wrote in Odia- “I want to sell my BMW car. If anyone wants to buy, contact me on messenger.” Source: Facebook. 

On Monday, while in conversation with, Chand said- “It was a difficult decision for me to put up that post… Had there been an Olympics, I would have been all set, but, as the Games have been postponed by a year, I am unable to support myself.” Source: Indian Express. 

Also, she said that she doesn’t have enough cash to survive now. 

Further, she added- “Due to the ongoing pandemic, all completions have been canceled. Sponsorships for the Olympics are also no longer there. I have spent all my money and haven’t earned anything in the last few months. There will be no new sponsors either during this time, so selling my car is the only option left,” Source: Indian Express. 

Earlier, she expressed a lot of times that due to the corona outbreak, she does not have any sponsor at the moment, except Puma. She also added that she is only earning member of her family and requires funds for training, household, diet, and most importantly, family’s survival. 

Chand said- “I spent all the money on building our house in Jajpur; now I have no right on it? I’m worried for my younger sisters. I believe she will throw everyone out of the house, including my parents. I’m highlighting this so that Saraswati (eldest sister) can be taught a lesson,” Source: Times Now News. 

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Source: Indian Express