Edward Snowden Gets Permanent Russian Residency

Edward Snowden Gets Permanent Russian Residency
Felipe Crespo, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The U.S Citizens had to endure some inconvenience and entered the ‘panic mode’ when the public privacy and security of the nationals were under question. The name that popped up and stayed on the lips of several people was – Edward Snowden. 

He was the ex-subcontractor of the Central Intelligence agency who told the world that the US government was secretly spying on the information of the citizens, way back in 2013. He has been away from his home country and was residing in Russia for a few years.

His lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena, recently confirmed that Edward Snowden has been given permanent residency in Russia. Because of the new changes that were made to Russia’s immigration law, the residency permit that Snowden held is extended and now has become indefinite. This gives him the freedom to reside in the country for however long he wants to.

When this American whistleblower copied and compromised very confidential information from the National security agency, his data revealed several global surveillance program information and intelligence in- core information. This has raised several questions regarding how effective the government was in saving its confidential data and protecting the privacy of its citizens. 

Initially, when the Department of State canceled the passport of Snowden, he flew to Moscow’s International airport where the authorities have stopped him because of passport discrepancy and he was restricted to the airport terminal for over a month. 

later Russia has given him the right of asylum with an initial visa residency for only one year. This has seen repeated extensions that have continued until 2020. Now it has been declared because of the changed immigration laws that he will be getting permanent residency in Russia. 

If you go by the words of the man himself, he thinks it is high time and wishes to go back to his home country – the US.