Election 2020: More than 97 Million People have already voted

Election 2020: More than 97 Million People have already voted
Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

By the eve of Election Day, more than 97 million citizens have already voted which is about 70%of the total number of votes counted in the general election in 2016. Election experts are predicting that this is by far creating a history for America as per the past election records.

According to records, there are over 257 million citizens in the U.S. who are above and over 18. Almost 240 million people are eligible to vote this year a professor at the University of Florida, Michael McDonald, who runs the Election project of the U.S. 

This time it is a possibility that more than 160 million people may come out to vote in total according to McDonald as stated on Sunday. It indicated that 67% turnout rate, America has come out to vote. 

This year stands out from the historical records of the last 50 years. The highest was in 2008 when the election was between Barack Obama and John McCain, where about 61.65% had come out to vote in the country—followed by the 2016 election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton where about 60.1% of people had cast their votes, and the same percentage had voted in 2004 election between George W. Bush and John Kerry. 

McDonald believes if Americans turn out as expected on Election Day, then this is going to be the highest percentage of eligible voters since 1908 when Republican William Howard Taft had won with 65.7% of the population having participated in the voting. Fraga stated that he is curious to experience which groups of voters will increase and dominate this year.

Fraga also said this year looks different than usual and not only white voters are out for the election, but all kinds of groups are seen this time to be casting their valuable vote.