Election Update: Trump Wins Florida, Biden Ahead in Arizona

Election Update: Trump Wins Florida, Biden Ahead in Arizona

There is a tight contest and increasing bitterness between President Donald Trump and former vice-president Joe Biden. The handful of battlegrounds such as Michigan and Pennsylvania is a dashing hope for the final victory.

Donald Trump had already projected Florida and Texas out of all the other battlegrounds for sure while Joe Biden has successfully secured early grabs in Arizona. But still many states are remaining which will be deciding for the Presidential election. Ballot counting has started from early Wednesday, and state officials have confirmed that counting has begun, and will continue through the day.

Democrats are hoping that Joe Biden could make the race to a quick close by winning Florida and disappearing beginning November 4th. Republicans exhaled another sigh of satisfaction when Ohio, where they had faith to win hands down was also added to Trump’s support. On Monday, Biden made a sudden visit to the Buckeye State, assuming the state might come along by Election Day.

It looks like Trump is bagging states that were projected earlier to be supporting him, but the overall race is still a very close tie, and officials in different battlegrounds indicate that there is a considerable share of absentee ballots. Polling showed those tallies are more probable than not to turn in Biden’s favor, but whether those votes would be sufficient for the Democrat remains unclear. 

Former vice-president thanked his supporters at an early November 4th rally, saying he was certain of winning against Donald Trump on the basis of his support in Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Millions of citizens have turned up to vote for America this time, and the national wide response has been amazing though due to pandemic it was supposed to be lesser in person and more via mail. People have come out and talked about injustice, racism and how the virus has killed millions in the last quarter.