Election Updates: Trumps Pushes Georgia, Biden Court Black voters

Election Updates: Trumps Pushes Georgia, Biden Court Black voters

Image by Gage Skidmore on www.flickr.com

Both the presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, are in the home stretch for this election. At the Florida rally, the U.S. President Donald Trump gave a hint that post-election he is planning to fire Dr Anthony Fauci.

Donald Trump has been motivating Georgia to vote 

President Donald Trump on Sunday stopped in Georgia just two days before Election Day to fulfil a commitment to visit the GOP-leaning state.

Donald Trump brings back memories of 2016 at N.C. rally

The president revisited the story of ‘The snake’ that he had narrated in the 2016 election on Sunday evening in Hickory, N.C. connecting it to the recent attacks in Paris. 

3.3 million New Yorkers have voted

Prior to Election Day, almost 2.2 million people have cast their votes as announced by the election officials on Sunday.

Spokesman Tim Murtaugh Vs Lady Gaga

A Twitter battle between Trump’s spokesperson and Oscar winner singer Lady Gaga after Murtaugh issued a record criticizing Biden for appearing at a Pennsylvania campaign to which Lady Gaga replied that she is happy to live rent-free in your head. On the same tweet, the spokesperson replied thank you by retweeting the post to increase awareness.

Biden court black voters in Pennsylvania

Joe Biden was using the final days of the campaign requesting black supporters to vote in-person during this pandemic. Biden was in Philadelphia on Sunday as well.

Michigan poll: Trump trails Biden by 7 points in final Free Press.

Minnesota Poll: Biden leads Trump by 15 points.

Poll: Biden lead with 10 points nationally with 6-point average lead in battlegrounds 

Two Polls reveal Biden with a slight edge in Pennsylvania, split in Florida.

NC election board: Will count 97% of the vote on Election Day. 

The U.S. President Donald Trump is insisting all the votes be counted on Election Day, which is not the standard procedure and his campaign went on television to explain the reason on Sunday.