Election 2020 updates: Trump Campaign Website Hacked

Election 2020 updates: Trump Campaign Website Hacked
Image by The White House

On Tuesday Joe Biden, former vice president, campaigned in Georgia, citing President Franklin D. Roosevelt at a stop in Warm Springs. He said that it is time to cultivate human relationships and the ability of all kinds of people to live, co-exist together is the need of the hour for everyone to stay in peace in the nation as well as in the world. Biden also added that he has the same values and beliefs to see America as this if elected as President.

In Orlando, Florida, Barack Obama accused the President of the United States to be whining. Florida and Georgia are the battleground areas the two sides are fighting for with precisely one week till Election Day November 3rd. Donald Trump campaigned in Wisconsin and Michigan today before going to Nebraska. 

The latest update:

  • Trump’s promises: Trump made promises on manufacturing jobs, judicial and immigration appointments. 
  • The quest for 270: Joe Biden and Donald Trump campaigns can achieve the Electoral College votes to claim supremacy. 
  • Bernie Sanders: Donald Trump is invoking Sen. Bernie Sanders at his rallies to drive a wedge through the Democratic party.   
  • Amy Coney Barrett: She becomes the fifth woman to subserve on the Supreme Court. 
  • SCOTUS: America’s newest Supreme Court justice, Amy Coney Barrett, has the potential to influence American democracy from the get-go. 
  • Melania Trump: First lady Melania Trump makes her first major campaign appearance Tuesday at an event in Atglen, Pennsylvania.
  • Sen. Kamala Harris: Campaigns in Reno, Nevada, and Las Vegas on Tuesday.
  •  Mike Pence: Vice President Mike Pence gives speeches in South Carolina and North Carolina.

As polls end on election nights, several news organizations will start tabulating and establishing voting data and publishing results. When the organization has a high level of confidence in the development of a race, it will “call” it.