US Election 2020 Updates: Elections Coming Closer, Trump Running out of Time to Ensure His Remain in Power


As the US election 2020 is coming closer, President Donald Trump has started to reassure Republicans privately about his deficits to Joe Biden, Democrat. Reports say there is a huge difference seen in the dynamics of four years ago and the present time. 

Steve Schmidt, One of the senior advisers on Republican John McCain’s 2008 Presidential campaign, said- “He’s losing and the trajectory of the race is moving away from him,” Source: Firstpost. 

Further, he added- “People vote at the moment in time: Even if there is something of a political recovery for the president in October, that is irrelevant for those who already voted.” Source: Firstpost. 

As per reports, in the last week, an immediate halt in Trump’s expensive television advertisement was witnessed that highlighted the campaign challenge. Soon after this, the advertisement campaign downplayed the ad pause. On this, Bill Stepien, the new campaign manager, said that they wanted to evaluate where, when, and how Trump’s advertisement campaign is leaving an impact. 

Tim Murtaugh, Director of Campaign Communications, said- “The digital countdown clock on the wall may say 90-some days, but we all know the calendar is condensed with early voting,” Source: Firstpost. 

Many people around the President are focusing on the debates, considering it to be the best opportunity for more and more showdowns with Biden. 

Chris Christie, Former New Jersey Governor, said- “A lot of people are going to start voting before 29 September. The idea that they would not have seen one presidential debate by then, to me, seems ridiculous,” Source: Firstpost. 

Further, Chris added- “I think we should either move the dates up or add additional debates.” Source: Firstpost. 

Republicans believe that there is still some time to come up with an impactful response towards the pandemic. 

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Source: Firstpost