EU accused Boris Johnson of violating international law summons for an urgency meeting

EU accused Boris Johnson of violating international law summons for an urgency meeting

OPCW from The Netherlands / CC BY

The EU chief tweeted minutes later The UK government declared the new bill which will have an immediate consequence on the security negotiations and trade that are underway in London. Replying to the UK government’s questionable ‘internal market bill’ with concerns to Brexit symposia, European Union Commission President on  Wednesday denounced British Prime Minister for infringing international law and impairing the EU’s trust.

The fresh UK internal markets bill instantly invited disagreement as parts of it professedly refuted the Brexit withdrawal agreement, that has been approved by Boris Johnson last year. Michel Barnier, EU’s top negotiator had arrived in London to discuss further on potential security and trade-related deals.

Prior there have been EU’s warnings and have repeatedly stated that they cannot move ahead unless the last year’s withdrawal agreement is implemented. Even after the EU’s warnings, PM Johnson has said that the bill will “ensure the integrity of the UK internal market”  He also added that it would protect the Northern Ireland peace process and also hand power over to Scotland.

Here is the prime progress on the EU-Brexit:

The European Union on Wednesday announced for an emergency meeting with the UK subsequent to its release of the new internal markets bill.

There was a violation of several clauses in the relinquishment agreement endorsed between Britain and the EU in 2019.

‘New bill breaks international law and undermines trust, says EU chief

The new internal market bill is designed particularly to blow up or rather disagree with a part of the Brexit deal termed the Northern Ireland Protocol. 

The government alleges it is committed to adhering its international commitments and the bill merely seeks to protect the unity within the nations.