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Europe: Closing Schools is Latest Front in COVID-19 Fight

Europe: Closing Schools is Latest Front in COVID-19 Fight

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Dark spots that show zones of high COVID-19 infection are staining the map of Europe as governments struggle to avert another series of total lockdowns, still by practising unpopular settlements to close schools, gyms and bars.

The Netherlands, Czech Republic and Belgium have joined hands with Spain as Europe’s prevailing hot blemishes through the resurgence of coronavirus outbreak. Russia and several other countries are supporting the same ominous trend. France has announced a lockout in Paris and other regions, as to revive a state of a health crisis, making it more manageable to implement more checks if required.

Medical centres are frequently prepared adequately than during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic. But several medical workers are discouraged by whatever they perceive the weak leadership of governments who have attempted to guard public health as well as feeble markets.

European countries, and also areas inside countries, are implementing drastically contradictory manoeuvrings. In one section, bars are supposed breeding spots of Covid-19 spread while beyond the border or city boundaries, schools are deemed coronavirus hotspots. 

Here’s a look at key virus topics in Europe:

The Czech Republic has decided to shut schools on October 14th to lessen an aggregated rate of 521 covid-19 cases per 100,000 citizens over 14 days, the highest in Europe.

 Emmanuel Macron, the French President, declared yesterday that citizens will have to obey a 9 pm lockout starting from coming Saturday till December 1st. He also mentioned that restaurants will also have closing time according to the curfew. This indicates that people should avoid the party and should limit their outside activities.

In England, on Wednesday, the northern city of Liverpool has put the toughest restrictions that has become the first city to impose a three-tier system that demands bars and pubs that don’t serve meals to shut.

Belgium’s intensive care units(ICU) will reach its capacity by mid-November if the transmission is not checked, as per the health authorities.