List of European Countries to Ease Travel Restrictions is Out

List of European Countries to Ease Travel Restrictions is Out
Image by Walkerssk from Pixabay

After 3 months of long lockdown, some of the European countries have decided to relax the travel restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The process was geared up from June 15. 

Keeping safety in mind, the European countries have updated their travel policies. The countries open to travelers are- 

Armenia- Although this country has opened borders for travelers throughout the world, yet they won’t be allowing travelers from Georgia, Russia, and countries where the corona circumstances are still worse. 

The Czech Republic- It opened the borders on June 15 for more than 20 European countries. Travelers from Spain, U.K., Italy, France, and the Netherlands either need to undergo the COVID-19 test or remain quarantined for 14 days. 

Estonia- The world’s only digital country has started to allow travelers from June 1 onwards, yet people visiting from highly infected regions or countries will need to quarantine themselves for 2 weeks. 

France- Opened its borders on June 15, with 14-days quarantine restrictions to avoid corona outbreak in the country. 

Finland- The country opened its borders for Iceland, Lithuania, Norway, Latvia, Estonia, and Denmark on June 15. Other than this, travelers from other countries may be kept under a 14-days quarantine period. 

Germany- From June 15 onwards, this country removed all the travel restrictions for more than 29 European countries. However, the restrictions will be imposed on other countries’ visitors until August 31. 

Italy- The land to several monuments, Italy lifted its travel restrictions for the UK, EU, and Schengen region from June 3. Travelers from other countries are instructed to stay in quarantine. 

Apart from these, the countries who lifted their travel restrictions are- Albania, Austria, Belarus, Bosnia, Belgium, Cyprus, Croatia, Slovakia, Denmark, Greece, Georgia, Iceland, Hungary, Latvia, Ireland, Kosovo, Malta, Montenegro, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Norway, The Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, Portugal, Slovenia, etc. 

With this, experts are expecting to improve the global travel state. 

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Source @ Al Jazeera