Europeans May Go Under 2nd Lockdown as COVID Rises

Europeans May Go Under 2nd Lockdown as COVID Rises

Image by mattthewafflecat from Pixabay

Again with the increase in COVID-19 cases on Monday British authorities said governments across all the European countries are planning to impose lockdown with stricter measures.

Chris Whitty, chief medical officer, stated the coronavirus positive cases in Britain are on the rise and are getting worse day by day. Patrick Vallance, the chief scientific adviser, suggested that if no step is taken now, then the spread of coronavirus is predicted to rise over 50,000 in every 24 hours by the middle of October which is now 4,400 daily (as of Monday). This is an extreme scenario what he is talking about, but authorities have imposed restrictions on many matters of northern England.

Uk has the most demise among all the European countries due to COVID-19. France remains ahead of Britain in facing a reawakening of the COVID-19 as the first wave.

Though the current rate of new cases is not as many as it was in March when the first wave had hit the country, said the head of a French medical workers union suddenly there is a rise in coronavirus admission in the hospital is alarming.

A couple of weeks ago face masks became compulsory even in enclosed public spaces in France as the government does not want to go under a national lockdown.

Spain is even more grappling with the second wave of COVID-19. In some regions of Madrid, on Monday new restrictions were taking place. About 860,000 citizens will not be allowed to leave anywhere except for work, study, or medical emergencies.

Israel announced the second lockdown in the country on Friday and became the first country to impose a nationwide second lockdown. Post the first lockdown their numbers had drastically dropped to a single digit.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is anticipated to address the British public in a televised address from his London residence on September 22, if new restrictions are to be imposed or not.