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Ex NDTV Journalist Nidhi Razdan Says “Victim Of Phishing”, Harvard Offer Fake

Popular TV journalist Nidhi Razdan has announced that she has been the victim of a highly sophisticated phishing attack. 

Six months ago, NDTV journalist Nidhi Razdan took to her social media to announce that she will be quitting her job with the channel to take up a teaching position at Harvard University. 

After working with NDTV for 21 years, Nidhi announced the news of her quitting in June 2020, after she was told that she would be joining Harvard University as an Associate Professor of Journalism from their September 2020 academic season. 

The journalist wrote a statement on her Twitter handle, talking about her correspondence with Harvard over the last six months. She was made to believe that she would begin her teaching job in September 2020, and then later informed that due to the ongoing pandemic, the teaching would commence in January 2021. As the days passed, she began to see a pattern in the several administrative anomalies in the entire process; and when she got in touch with the concerned higher authorities at the university, she found out that she had not actually received any such teaching offer. It was then that she realised she had been a victim of a sophisticated phishing attack, where her perpetrators used fraudulent methods to obtain access to all her personal data, and may have even gained access to her social media/communication accounts. 

She added that she has filed a police complaint and provided the documentary evidence. "I have requested them to take immediate steps to identify, apprehend, and prosecute the perpetrators of this abominable attack."

Razdan has also written to the higher authorities at Harvard University requesting to look into this matter very seriously.

After receiving an outpour of support and sympathy on social media, Nidhi announced that she will be taking a few days off of social media, and return “refreshed and as good as new”.