Facebook Helped Recruit 100,000 Poll Workers for Election

Facebook Helped Recruit 100,000 Poll Workers for Election
Image by Simon Steinberger from Pixabay

A primary recruitment initiative by Facebook to address the shortage of poll workers for Election Day due to COVID-19 outbreak has driven 100,000 people to volunteer to work at polling stations, said the social media behemoth.

The Facebook campaign was designed in such a manner to target people above the age of 18 and to be shown to people within the state. They report that over 1.7 million users clicked on the notification to sign up with the election officials in their respective state. 

Election officials all over the country have notified of a critical deficiency of workers to staff in-person polling places. Several poll workers are above 60 and at a greater risk of getting COVID-19. A decline in the total number of poll workers required could rise in long queues or less voting locations in November, both of which could harm voter attendance.

Following are the output of the Facebook campaign

  • Election officials in North Carolina announced that through Facebook, more than 11,000 have signed up from Saturday to Monday morning, along with 60,000 clicking through the link. The state has said that a minimum of 25,000 poll workers is required this year.
  • South Carolina officials observed 20% of sign-ups over the weekend from the Facebook recruitment drive.
  • Even Iowa reported Facebook it noticed a 15 times outpour in poll worker sign-ups over the last weekend.
  • Michigan has also benefited from the Facebook campaign with over 12-16 times more sign-ups and recruiting about 5,000 poll workers on Saturday.

Naomi Gleit, vice president of Facebook, said that this would bring a social impact in this year’s election as more recruits will help in shortening the queue and wait time of the voter and with this campaign Facebook has done its bit towards the country’s wellbeing.

The social media leviathan is drawing out all the stops to urge more Americans to cast their votes.