Facebook Services Disrupted in Myanmar

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The recent Military Coup has sent ripples of disappointment and grief through the people of Myanmar who were only starting to get the real taste of democracy. The de Facto Leader Aung San Suu Kyi was put under police remand under charges like containing illegal communication devices and conducting fraudulent activities during the November elections. The President was also remanded for breaking the COVID rules by supporting motorcycle rallies. Both the charges are seen to be too trivial to attract such a scale of opposition from the military.

In the wake of these events, many people have voiced their opinions and talked about civil disobedience on the popular social media platform, Facebook. This is the major means through which information spreads within the country. On Thursday, facebook and Internet Monitors have said that the service providers of the country were restricting access to certain functions that will result in the disruption of the Facebook services within the country. This also applies to their other apps like Instagram and WhatsApp. 

The official spokespersons from facebook’s end have stated that they were aware of the disrupted services of Facebook within the country. He urged the associated authorities to restore the connectivity so that the people of Myanmar will be able to communicate effortlessly with their loved ones, family, and friends. They will also be able to gather information about what is happening around the globe. 

The UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guerres, was seen saying that the UN would be doing everything to increase the International pressure on the Army Coup so that the disruption will be reverted and the Coup will ‘fail’, He called it an important step that needs immediate attention. 

In the times of COVID - 19, the healthcare workers and professionals are indulging in silent protest to condemn the arrest of Aung San Suu Kyi and blame the actions of the military. People have been waiting for the democratic set up for a long while and are doing everything to let the world know about the events unfolding in the country. Facebook is one of the main means to get the information passed on to several netizens in less time.