Factories Luring Workers with Air Tickets and Food Facilities

Factories Luring Workers with Air Tickets and Food Facilities
Stranded people rushing to New Delhi rail station to catch their train during fourth phase of the lockdown Sumita Roy Dutta / CC BY-SA

Experts say freebies from the Indian government is one major factor returning workers to their previous cities and jobs. At present, by staying in villages at their homes, they are saving a hefty amount on rent, which leaves a notable dent on their earnings in the cities. The lure of benefits and work will get them back to their work. 

Several factories and industries have started to woo workers with additional incentives, higher pays, travel facilities, food facilities, and other leverages to get back to work. This initiative has increased after the economy reopened in June. 

The Country Manager at Linfox Logistics India Ltd. (a unit of Australia’s Linfox Group), V.V. Benugopal, said- “We have offered food and other incentives to woo them back to sites,” Source: Economic Times 

Apart from this, the company is working on skilling a new workforce to avoid delay and loss in the work progress. Meanwhile, the company is arranging buses and other transportation facilities for migrant laborers. 

Earlier, due to the corona outbreak, the government tried to stop labor migration. But soon after bearing with the paucity of cash and food, most of the daily wage laborers decided to return to their villages. 

On workers on returning to urban areas, the President of the National Real Estate Development Council’s Maharashtra unit, Rajan Bandelkar said- “The shortage of labour has affected the construction projects which will slightly delay the completion,” Source: Economic Times 

Further, he added that the governmental bodies are trying their best to bring back the workers via different modes of transportation, including- by air. 

On bringing back the workers, founder of Southern Plywood Group company in Kerala, M.K Hamsa said- “I had more than 500 migrant labourers working in various plants,”

“I am willing to offer food and other incentives for those wanting to return.” He added. Source: Economic Times 

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Source: Economic Times