First lady Melania Trump Casts Her Vote in-Person

First lady Melania Trump Casts Her Vote in-Person

Melania Trump, 50 decided to vote in-person in Palm Beach County, Florida. She registered on Election Day around 10 a.m local time. There is a video shared by WPTV that shows the first lady arriving at the Morton and Barbara Mandel Recreation Center to cast her ballot. 

She was wearing a beautiful white dress with a gold chain pattern, pumps and sunglasses but without a mask. She was carrying a huge purse, and she wore her hair down surrounded by security. 

She looked all serious but had a smile along with a quick wave to the reporters and photographers as she walked away. After casting her vote while returning, she stopped and chatted with the reporters and stopped briefly for photos.

She was also asked why she did not vote along with her husband last week; she simply replied that today is the Election Day and she wanted to cast her vote today!

President Donald Trump had cast his vote last week when he had visited Florida on Saturday. Donald Trump had already moved his office address from New York to the battleground Florida in 2019.

While he was leaving the voting location, he said it was a pleasure to vote in person, and a very casual manner said he voted for a guy named Trump.

According to TargetSmart on October 12th Democrats are leading overall votes nationally from the Republican, 55% to 34% but stats also show that republicans have narrowed the difference in the last two weeks.

In Florida, the U.S. Elections Project found that Democrats accounted for 40% of the state votes and Republican were 38%, as 8.3 million citizens had voted early with 21% voters with no party affiliation. Democrats yielded 46% of Florida’s absentee votes, while Republicans returned 31%. The numbers have flipped during in-person voting with Republicans at 46% and 32% for Democrats.