Florida’s primary rejected 31,000 mail ballots; non-white voters’ rejected twice as often

Voters Mail Ballout

Chris Phan (Clipdude) / CC BY-SA

After the election fiasco in 2018 at the Broward County, that actually experienced backlogs in the mail votes, Collin Stephens, who had no intention in voting again via mail this year. 

Collins has shifted to Duval County and was approached again by a voter-registration group’s offer in August, if he accepted to join in voting through the mail, he would receive a free political sign of his choice.

He mailed his vote for the August primary on Election Day. The vote, like many others, about 31,000 did not include, as per the state’s recent balloter file.

61% of balloters cast their vote by mail and one in every 77 voters did not get their ballots counted for reasons like a poor signature, arriving late or no signature found etc. 

Florida needs ballots to reach by Election Day, November. It’s not adequate to be postmarked by Election Day, that means voters like Stephens nevermore had their mail votes tallied.

Non-white voters were double as expected to have their votes fail to be counted as white voters, and polls supervisors were even more likely to decline Millenials and Gen-Z voters’ mail ballots this time.

In the 2016 election over 21,973 Florida mail votes had been rejected.

Suppose related rates of citizens were to vote in the November election just the way they did in the year 2016, i.e. 75% of registered voters. But if citizens chose to vote through the mail, and again their votes may get rejected in the same way as it did in August then almost 90,000 votes would be rejected.

This holds 42 Hispanic votes, 44 Asian votes, 57 Black votes, and 105 white votes in all.

Though Republicans and Democrats, about reasonably to have their mail ballots unrecorded, the refusal rate affects Democrats more further considering they are additionally expected to vote by mail. There were approximately 15,000 Democratic mail votes that got rejected versus roughly 9,400 Republican votes that got rejected.