Former Indian Football Player Quits BJP Within 24 Hours of Joining

Former Indian Football Player Quits BJP Within 24 Hours of Joining

Mehtab Hossain, Ex-Football Player, also known as the “Midfield General” in the Kolkata Maidan joined BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) and quit it within 24 hours. When asked about the quick decision taken, he said that the decision to be a part of a political party left my family, friends and wellwishers shattered. 

On Tuesday, Hossain was handed over the BJP flag by Dilip Ghosh, BJP’s state president at Muralidhar Sen Lane office. While handing over the flag, everyone there along with the football player, Mehtab Hossain, chanted “Bharat Mata Ki Jai.”

The next day, Hossain posted a Facebook update and wrote- “I am not associated with any political party from today. I apologise to all my wellwishers for this decision of mine,” Source: Facebook. 

Further, he added- “No one has forced me to take this decision. This is completely my personal decision to stay away from politics,” Source: Facebook. 

Hossain wrote- In these trying times, I wanted to be with the people. Those helpless faces have taken away my sleep. That is why I suddenly joined politics. But the people for whom I wanted to serve as a politician said I should not have joined politics. They did not want to see me as a politician,” Source: NDTV. 

Hossain, who left the Indian football team after the 2019 season, said that his wife and children were not happy with the decision to step towards a political party. 

He further added- “My family (wife) Moumita and children Zidan and Zavvi, none supported this sudden decision of mine. They too were hurt by my decision like my friends and supporters. All of them are part of my family and I was left shattered looking at their sad faces.” Source: NDTV. 

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