France Imposes Tighter Curfew

France decided that tighter curfew rules are the only way they can curb down the intensity of the virus in the region. The previous curfew rules that have been in place since December prevent people from stepping out during 20:00 - 6:00. The new curfew rule will increase the hours where people are asked to not step out from 18:00 to 6:00.

The measures were announced on Thursday and addressing the same, Prime Minister Jean Castex said that the COVID situation in the country is a cause of concern and worry. He said the infections were getting worse and going up on a higher plateau. The restrictions will also apply to people who will be arriving in the country and other foreigners who are currently residing in the place. 

France has seen a severe brunt of COVID and almost 69,000 people died during the span of the unprecedented times. It happens to have the 7th highest death toll in the world and the new strain of COVID is a brand new point of worry for the nation. 

The new curfew will be in place for 15 days and people have to be in their homes by 18:00. An exception is made for those who are travelling back from school or offices. In this case, strict precautions of mask, sanitizer and social distancing must be followed. 

The curfew was already in place in some of the regions of France and the government noticed that the move helped to reduce the impact of Coronavirus infections in the region. The pass on was quite slow and lower cases were registered. This was the main reason the authorities decided to extend the same rules to the rest of the country. However, people criticised this move saying that larger crowds will gather because everyone will be in a hurry to reach home by 18:00. The rush hour traffic will be intense and everyone will be in a scuffle to reach home on time. This might increase human contact chances. 

The experimental move is  for a short period of time so the Government is looking forward to seeing what kind of results they will get from the extension.