French Students bring awareness towards COVID’s impact on Mental Health

French Student Community has planned and executed a series of protests to mainly bring attention to the fact that people are suffering mentally because of the COVID conditions. Several people have reported that the COVID -19 pandemic left a very haunting impression on their mental health and some stressed that they were still suffering from mental health issues. 

The feeling of a broader loss, deaths, the state of inactivity, unproductiveness, and isolation has led to the breakdown and suffering of many students, say the University Psychologists who were closely monitoring the state of the students. The feeling of being ‘stuck at the moment’ and no progress has increased the anxiety levels that are slowly taking a toll on the bodies as well. The University does have a dedicated team of counselors who help the ones suffering from mental trauma. However, the number of requests asking for counseling sessions have improved significantly, leaving the counseling team in a tight spot. Two undergraduates in Lyon have tried to kill themselves in the past two weeks, raising concern among the educational communities about the safety and well-being of the Youth. 

Many students are living in cramped accommodations and the classes have been halted. All the social gathering spots like gyms, movies, parks, and bars have been shut down and there is no scope for some interaction and physical reassurance. The extended lockdown rules are also causing unrest among the students. 

The students expressed the opinion that the government was not considering them seriously and they were being treated like children. SOme even said that the Government was ignoring the mental health issues that several students were facing due to the pandemic. The new curfew rules that ask everyone to head back homes before 18:00 is also a major concern for anxiety. Some say the fear of not being able to come back before 18:00 in the evening is raising the bars of anxiety. Students started the trend #GhostStudents on Twitter to show that the Government was openly ignoring them. The PM has asked the students to be patient, fight back and give in one more effort to fight this together.