Gatwick Airport To Cut 600 Jobs Due To Pandemic

Gatwick Airport To Cut 600 Jobs Due To Pandemic

Sunil060902 / CC BY-SA

Recently, Gatwick Airport, located in the UK, has unravelled that their authorities are planning to eliminate more than 600 staff members from their overall workforce. The decision has been taken after the often crowded airport witnessed a whopping 80% of reduction in the number of passengers due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As of now, the airport is running at its 20% of capacity for the month of August, and have opened only North Terminal. 

In March, the Gatwick Airport announced to cut up to 200 jobs and later took £300m bank loan to run their operations. With a sudden reduction in the number of passengers, now the company is looking forward to cutting costs. 

On this matter, Jamie Major, the regional manager of the Union Unite said- “This is a bitter blow for the workers and once again highlights the chronic failure of the government to support the aviation sector, despite promises way back in March that it would do so. Unite will be entering into formal negotiations with Gatwick Airport to ensure that redundancies are minimised and that all redundancy procedures are fair and fully transparent.” Source: BBC. 

Further, he said that the percentage of the workforce asked to leave will add a lot more to the already devastated economy of the nation. 

In this regard, the company owned by VINCI Airports and other Global Infrastructure Partners, had a word with the government to support them and save numerous jobs relying on them for years now. 

To illustrate the issue, Mr. Wingate said- we need a brand new system and criteria to give passengers “greater certainty on where and when they can safely travel abroad,” Source: BBC. 

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