Global Fashion Weeks Generated Over 89 Million Euros

Global Fashion Weeks Generated Over 89 Million Euros
Image by Ted Eytan license cc 2.0

Show of Solidarity – this season due to the pandemic outbreak the fashion industry and its related businesses have suffered majorly with the show season in September and October making it more challenging to cope with the way it used to happen.

For the fashion season, all the major fashion capitals New York, London, Milan and Paris went ahead with the show by using social media platforms and digital channels to showcase their designs and visions of their collection. All due to the increase of Covid-19, all the buyers and press preferred to be at home.

This week the National Chamber of Italian Fashion published data reporting on the last edition of Milan fashion week that happened from September 22nd to 28th, which reached to more than 43 million plays in its digital channel. The dedicated Milan, fashion week website, generated 516,227 views through the week.

As per the DMR Group, a data analytics firm, Milan fashion week’s Earned Media Value (EMV) is over 35.4 million euros which is a significant growth of about 352% online and social media platforms as compared to the usual Digital fashion week that happens in the month of July.

The CNMI also said that the collective energies of the streaming partners Kommersant Publishing House, The New York Times, Tencent Video, The Asahi Shimbun magnified the event all over the world, taking the total reach to about 618 million users on different social networks. The whole campaign created an engagement of more than 15 million.

The fashion capitals generated an Earned Media Value of 89 million euros, but out of the four capital fashion cities, some were more successful than others. Paris exceeds EMV of 40.9 million euros than Milan, but far exceeds that of New York as well as London, which are at 6.6m EUR and 6m EUR sequentially.