Goa Permits 250 Hotels to Resume Operations from Thursday

Goa Permits 250 Hotels to Resume Operations from Thursday
Image from Aneesh Prabhu / CC BY-SA

From 22nd March, Sunday, the entire nation has gone under lockdown, and now after a long wait of three months, finally, the government of Goa has given the nod to reopen specific hotels in the state. 

As per a recent statement by Manohar Ajgaonkar, the Tourism Minister of Goa, more than 250 hotels in the state will resume their operations from Thursday. The government of India has given permission for the same. 

This has been considered as one of the major steps taken by the Goa government in ‘Unlock 2 Phase.’ The announcement was made official on Wednesday. 

All the Goa hotels were shut down in March by the time the corona pandemic started expanding its wings in Goa, India. 

To begin the process, the government of Goa demanded applications from all the hotels which were willing to reopen their hotels. The application contained a declaration form stating that the respective hotel will abide by all the necessary hygiene and safety measures of staff members and guests at the hotel. When asked, more than 250 hotels submitted applications for resuming operations. 

While announcing this step taken by the Goa government, Manohar Ajgaonkar said- “The hotels will be allowed to start from tomorrow. Those who want to travel to Goa can do so. Hotel booking should be done prior to travelling to the state and with a hotel that has been allowed to reopen. Without booking tourists will not be allowed. At the entry point we will check if they are tested 48 hours prior. If not, the tourist will be sent to a hotel, where he will be tested. And once the test is negative, the tourist will be allowed to move out,” 

Further, he said- “If the tourist is staying with friends or relatives, there should be documentation,”

“We do not want to play with anyone’s life. At the same time we need to boost revenue and the economy. Economically we are in bad shape,” Manohar added. 

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News Source @ Hindustan Times