Google, “the Next American President”, Check the search results

Google, “the Next American President”, Check the search results
Image by Andrea Widburg

Are you also curious to know who is going to be the next US President? Then type the line “the Next American President” in the google images, and the search engine is going to give you unexpected results.

This is weird that when you search for the next president of America in the Google Images the search instead of showing Donald Trump or Joe Biden, it shows collages in red, blue or white which has beautiful florals and stars motifs in it before showing any images of the presidential candidates of 2020 or even the previous ones like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and more.

Don’t think Google is behaving weird for some reason; it is the work of an artist called Gretchen Andrew from Los Angeles whose work has been projected.

How did this happen?

It is interesting to know how Gretchen Andrews was able to fool google, but in an interview with CNN, she called herself as a search-engine artist and an Internet Imperialist who tricks the internet to showcase her work first. She was successful in fooling the Search Engine Optimization to show her artwork whenever anyone searches for the next American president. 

As per the Artnet, Gretchen Andrews has been able to crack it by creating a network of many web pages on the sites like Twitter, Yelp, Quora and Eventbrite. Later, she also loaded these website pages with images and addresses that could trick the Search Engine into showing her artwork initially than the desired results.

Gretchen Andrews aim is not to confuse people but to just confuse the machines and have a laugh at Google. As per CNN, she had begun her career at Google in Silicon Valley and later turned into an artist. Her love for both art and technology has combined into manipulating search engine optimization to showcase her work.