Google Gets Slapped With Anti-trust Case By U.S.

Google Gets Slapped With Anti-trust Case By U.S.

After the remarkable and unforgettable antitrust case that the U.S filed against Microsoft 20 years ago, here comes another case against the leading internet Moghul – Google. The U.S Justice Department filed a case against Google in a Washington DC Federal Court, alleging the company of using its power to influence the competition. 

Joining Google are companies like – Amazon, Facebook, and Apple, which are also under tight scrutiny by the Federal Trade Commission and the Justice Department.

The lawmakers and trade analysts strongly feel that Google uses its dominance and manipulates online searches and advertising, and all of them work in favor of the company. This can be a detrimental stunt that will render positive competition in the field. 

U.S Deputy Attorney General, Jeff Rosen, told the reporters that Google manages to maintain its power through ‘exclusionary practices’ that do not give scope for healthy competition. This can be a very demotivating force for blooming businesses and other companies who want a fair chance at the game.

The case filed also states a major point that Google earns billions from advertisers and the money is used to pay off the phone manufacturers, asking them to ensure that Google remains the default search engine in the phones that they sell. It is a common thing to find Google apps and Google search engine as the go-to searching platform on several new phones. 

The experts feel this dominance and monopoly will not let new start-ups think of innovations and also compromises the security and privacy of the customers. They won’t be exposed to diverse search options and this can be a blocking wall for quality surfing. 

Though the Justice Department did not suggest any ways to stop the dominance, they’ve requested stringent action, whatever needed, to stop the anti-competition atmosphere being created.