Google Photos Ending Free Unlimited Storage in 2021

Google Photos Ending Free Unlimited Storage in 2021

Everyone has been using the enticing free unlimited storage on the Google Photos app where users could store all the photos as well as videos even over the 15GB quota that Google usually gives.

Till now Google Photos was giving users to store unlimited pictures and videos, but yesterday they announced that this is going to be chargeable after June 1st, 2021. They had a business in mind when Google Photos app had started, from 2021 Google is expecting to increase their paid Google One subscription that will include Google Photos, Google Drive and Gmail together under one cloud storage that will be up to 30TB space.

Google is planning to bring in a new policy to erase data from dormant accounts that have not signed in or used the service for more than two years.

With the latest update from Google, any new photos or videos one uploads on or after June 1st on Google Photos will be counted in the free limited storage of 15GB that comes with every Google Account. In the blog post published by Google states clearly that the photos and videos uploaded on the app are not original quality; it is the high quality only. If one wants to switch to high quality, then they can change the setting, and it will then be counted under the 15 GB cap even before June 1st 2021. Thus, the change will be significant for the uploads that will take place following June 1st.

Google Photos was launched in 2015 and had gained popularity amongst smartphone users because of its free storage option that they offered for more than 5 years. Google mentioned in the blog post that so far, they have four trillion photos stored in their cloud. 28 billion photos and videos are getting uploaded every week, and this has also made Google enhance their system with machine learning algorithms to serve its users better.