Great Conjunction of 2020 to be Seen on December 21st After 4 Centuries

Great Conjunction of 2020 to be Seen on December 21st After 4 Centuries
Dylan O'Donnell,, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Skygazers are happy this year, from exceptional celestial events to meteor showers up in the evening sky. But the year is going to end in style as in December there is another celestial event that is Saturn and Jupiter will be seen shining like a bright star on the night of December 21st.

This makes it a ‘Great Conjunction 2020’ event because it is rare, and no one has ever seen it before. Last it happened was on July 16th in 1623. This has never happened that two planets have come so close to each other like only 1/10 of a degree apart. 4 centuries ago, which is what the world had seen happen before.

It is a known fact that many times Saturn and Jupiter have appeared close to each other, which is going to continue and will get closest by December 21st.

As per their orbits, Jupiter takes more or less 12 Earth years around the orbit whereas Saturn takes about 29 Earth years to complete around the sun.

It is observed that in approximately 20 years they grow adjacent to each other while rotating around the sun. Still, this memorable affair is going to be the closest in approximately 400 years.

It is called the heliocentric conjunction as Jupiter and Saturn, gas giants in the solar system will be aligned with the sun. Everyone will be able to locate the planets in the southwest in the night sky. There is a possibility that it might look like a reddish Mars as it also looks similar as it has the same brightness and in the eastern direction.

It is predicted that this event can be seen entirely from India and its complete capacity only if pollution clears up before the last two weeks. It is expected to be seen in North India, but the air quality might take a hit as Diwali is approaching and burning of crackers won’t make it any better in the nearby states like Punjab.