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Gujarat State Renames ‘Dragon Fruit’

Dragon Fruit
Image by sandid from Pixabay

The decision to rename dragon Fruit has given rise to a lot of internet trolling and became the ground material to make several memes. The decision came from the state of Gujarat where the government is formed by the Bharatiya Janata Party. Chief Minister, Mr. Vijay Rupani, was the one to come out and announce that Dragon Fruit will get a name change to ‘Kamalam’. Kamalam means ‘Lotus’ in English.

The Minister stated that the name ‘Dragon Fruit’ immediately reminds people of the Chinese and that is a very disturbing image to have in the head. He stated that the change of name will keep the positivity around the fruit unlike having the mention of ‘dragon’ around it. Lotus also happens to be the national flower of India and the party symbol of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

The fruit was previously imported from regions like Central America and South America but now India started to cultivate them within its boundaries. They are also grown in Gujarat. The plant belongs to species of cactus and requires similar weather conditions and grow and prosper. It has a very rough and pointy outer surface that immediately brings the dragon’s skin into anyone’s mind. That is where its name comes from.

Even though the fruit has no direct association with China, the Gujarat CM felt that the mere mention of the animal can bring the Chinese into anyone’s mind. This has led to a series of sarcastic memes and tweets on social media platforms. People began targeting the decision saying that it is a very silly and unnecessary step. Some have even questioned the BJP party’s new tendency to change the names of cities and even roads that preserve the history of the Islamic rule in the country.  While the people see Islamic rule as a part of Indian history, BJP considers it an invasion and wants to remove all traces of it - or so their actions say.

The Chinese and Indian troops have been at logger-heads for a while because of the evident border tensions in the Himalayan region. The nations have had a series of talks but the buzzing hostility is still prevalent.