Hathras Case: High Court Summons Top UP Officials On October 12

Hathras Case: High Court Summons Top UP Officials On October 12
Source Twitter / @Sushil_Verma9

On Thursday, Allahbad High Court took note of the Hathras gang rape case that provoked widespread public outrage. All the top officials of the UP government, as well as state police, have been charged. 

The officials, along with the family members, are asked to be present in the court on October 12. The family members of the 20-year-old woman who died on September 29 are also called to understand more details about the 2 am cremation done by the police.

A Scheduled Castes woman died in the Delhi hospital after two weeks of fighting for life. The woman was found naked, half-strangled, bearing multiple fractures, paralysed and bleeding in a field on September 14 by her upper-caste attackers.

After she died on September 29, police cremated the body at 2 am without the family’s consent. The family wanted to hold the last rituals by taking her home for one last time. But they were not allowed by the state police and were forced to stay away from the body. They were kept locked inside the house and were not allowed to attend the funeral of their daughter.

Outside the Delhi hospital and along the way, there are disturbing images of family members thrown themselves in front of the ambulance to stop the police from carrying the body. They requested, begged in front of the police to allow them to take the body home, but the state police remained unmoved.

The alarming visuals and the family’s statement of the police holding them confined up inside the house have brought massive criticism towards the Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath’s government.

The Congress has commanded that the Yogi Adityanath should resign, blaming his government for a scam like this. Through a video message,  Sonia Gandhi, Congress chief stated the girl had been killed by a tyrannical government, by its power and by the UP government’s insensitivity.