Heartbreaking Ruling in Breonna Taylor: Protest For Justice

Heartbreaking Ruling in Breonna Taylor: Protest For Justice

Sarahmirk / CC BY-SA

A new wave of protest against the grand jury’s decision to charge one of the three officers involved in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor and this was taken not related to Breonna’s death. This made the nation to protest against the verdict and also against racial equality. 

Protesters took to the streets in Milwaukee, Seattle, Washington D.C, and Chicago. On Wednesday, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced encouraging protests that became violent in Breonna Taylor’s hometown, Louisville.

During the protest, two Louisville police officers were shot but are in the recovery phase, as stated by Robert Schroeder, Police Chief.

Lori Lightfoot, mayor of Chicago, announced a moment of silence where hundreds of citizens united for a peaceful protest in the city.

In Auburn Gresham, pastor Michael Pfleger who is also an anti-violence activist, started chanting with dozens more “Say her name, Breonna Taylor!” in the southern side.

Many protesters gathered at Millenium Park and marched through downtown Chicago for hours, tracked by many officers on bikes. The group were found holding hands in the air and taking a moment of silence.

In Bronzeville, protestors marched from the south side to the north side of the city for Breonna Taylor.

Protesters assembled in front of the White House and got into a heated conversation with police officers. Washington also reported broken windows and fireworks amid protests. 

In Cincinnati, protesters rallied at the Hamilton County Courthouse and started chanting, “No justice, no peace,” and Taylor’s name while marching through downtown.

Police officers in North Carolina stated that protesters left cow manure at the front door of the Asheville Police Department. 

On September 23rd, Seattle police reported using pepper spray after protesters threw fireworks “nearly striking officers in the process” and cut security cameras at one precinct, the department said on Twitter.